Yes, another restored bike….

Repurposed - refurbished Raleigh bike

1961 Raleigh Superbe - it will outlive us all!

This old Raleigh bicycle is a daily rider. The dynamo hub on the front wheel still works great and powers the front and rear lights.

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Lugged frame “Starjet” – New York!

60s Starjet

Repurposed/Refurbished "Starjet" 3-Speed made in New York

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1983 Murray Nassau and 1967 Schwinn Collegiate

1967 Schwinn Collegiate

1967 Schwinn Collegiate

1983 Murray Nassau

1983 Murray Nassau

1983 Murray Nassau and 1967 Schwinn Collegiate

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Repurposed 1984 Gitane bicycle

1984 Gitane repurposed into a touring bike
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