Alexander G. Weygers: Repurposing Trailblazer…

Alexander G. Weygers, (October 12, 1901–July 23, 1989), was a polymath American artist who is best known as a sculptor, painter, print maker, philosopher, and author.

“Weygers philosophical view was agnostic and he asserted that “Truth” was the source of life—being defined as the forces and concise designs inherent in Nature and her works. One of his students, Peter B. Partch, states that Weygers equated Nature with the concepts of deity among human cultures, and defined Nature as “the all-encompassing truth motivating all universal unseen forces, being self-governing and creating rock, plant, and animal evolution bound”. Further, he relates that Weygers advocated that one should “live life to the fullest”, by which he meant doing what one desires in life “for the love of it” rather than for fame or financial gain. Through living simply, and in accordance with his philosophy, each would gain the ultimate freedom possible and produce actions and works of great merit—adhering to a discipline that included learning how to continuously reduce reliance upon material needs. Weygers advocated the reuse of waste materials cast off as useless trash by contemporary societies by adapting them to other needs or making artistic creations with them. Recycling is the current term for his concept.”

(we’d call it “Repurposing”)

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