Real Bottleneck Guitar Slide…

Repurpose Everything

These are repurposed from old wine bottles – all handcut and polished. No two are exactly alike….available now! Only $10….

To order, go to: Real Bottleneck Guitar Slide

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6 Things You Can Do This Black Friday To Help Main Street

"Black Friday"

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Repurposed telephone bells into bicycle bells…

These old telephone bells have been repurposed! 80% of materials used in their manufacture are repurposed: Bell – from telephone; Pads – old bicycle inner tubes; Mount: Repurposed conduit bracket. Click here to order: Bicycle Bell Telephone Bell

Repurposed telephone bell into bicycle bell

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Planned Obsolescence…yes, it’s a fact

Here’s a documentary you wont want to miss. It’s called “Pyramids of Waste” and details how manufacturers create products with the idea of “planned obsolescence” built into them. This means products are designed to completely fail after a short time, so that you have to go out and by a new product. Even the great Apple computer company does this (as seen in the film). This is exactly why Repurpose Everything exists!

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