4 Simple Things You Can Do to Effect Change…

Often people ask what they can really do to make change happen in the world around them. Peaceful protests are great (Occupy), but if you really want to effect change, here are 4 real-world things you can do:
Repurpose Everything
1. Close your bank account at the big bank corpos, and open an account at a local credit union or small bank. The big banks don’t care about you, and they treat your money like it’s their money.

2. Buy food that is grown locally. Big corpo agriculture doesn’t care what you eat, and serves up an inferior product in high volumes for nothing but profit.

3. Stop buying products from the big corpos. There are many small locally owned businesses that offer good or better products. It may cost a little more, but in the long run, it’s worth it to our communities.


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  1. That is excellent advice that I can actually commit to following. And I’m being part of the solution. One of my professors always advised us to “vote with your dollar.”

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