Repurposed computers….for everyone

Since we like to repurpose everything, and that does mean everything, the computers we use to do everything here are, of course, repurposed. What’s brilliant about this is that we can take an old discarded PC, and install an open-source (and free) operating system on it – and we can do nearly anything anyone with a newly purchased machine can do.

Our preference is the Ubuntu linux operating system as it just works. Wireless is simple and flawless so connecting to the internet is a breeze, and its base installation comes packaged with all the free applications most people need.

Ubuntu linux desktop

I usually hear from industry skeptics (usually Windows users) that the learning curve for this OS is just too great for the average user, but after having installed it on several machines, used by all walks of computer agility, most people new to the OS quickly find their way around it.

Ubuntu linux uses far less resources than the more popular operating systems, which lends it a felicitous advantage when installed on older PCs (machines considered obsolete and useless). And, security is far better. Be it because the operating system is not very popular (and less focused on by the authors of malware), or because it actually possesses better security, it is far less susceptible to malware attacks.

So, instead of tossing out that old PC, install Ubuntu linux on it and give it a good test drive. It’s what we use – and we’re not disappointed in any way – we doubt you’ll be disappointed either. Download Ubuntu here:

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